Issue register Acceptance

The Issue register is used to record, and manage the resolution of, issues encounted with Flokk so they can be investigated and resolved.

You can research issues you have enountered to see if there is a resolution available. If you cannot find a resolution, you can create a new issue record which Flokk staff will then investigate.

6 records found
NumberTitleImpactCreatedStatusProgressAssigned toUpdates
7ExplodesProduction2021-12-31AcceptedInvestigationMark Olson (1)1Updates View
5asdfPriority enhancement2021-12-30AcceptedDevelopmentMark Olson (1)Updates View
9asdfNone2021-12-31NewInvestigationNoneUpdates View
8ssdfgNone2021-12-31RejectedInvestigationNoneUpdates View
6asdfProduction2021-12-30ClosedCompleteNoneUpdates View
4asdfNone2021-12-30ClosedCompleteNoneUpdates View

Version 2.04