Learn how to use your Flokk

Resources to help you learn how to use Flokk include:

Menu overview:A brief description of each menu option, provided on a two-sided card that can be used at the animals side.
Video:Short videos that demonstrate and describe a specific topic.
Tutorial:Step by step detailed instructions with examples.
Reference:Detailed reference information.

The menu overviews can be read from your Flokk when in file mode, or can be downloaded:
The complete tutorial and reference manual can be read from your Flokk when in file mode, or can be downloaded:
The following topics are available:
  1. Preparing your Flokk for use
    Before you can being using your Flokk at the animals side, you need to complete some basic set up.
  2. Using the Configuration Wizard
    Once your Flokk has been connected to a WiFi network, you can use the Configuration Wizard to set it up.
  3. Add existing animal records to your Flokks herd record
    You can add your existing animal records to your Flokk, either from digital records (e.g. a spreadsheet) or paper records.
  4. Add animals to your herd record using your Flokk at the herd
    You can easily add your animals to your Flokks herd records as part of regular animal handling and during calving.
  5. Record and update information
    Record information about animals (e.g. weights, pregnancy test results) and update their primary records (e.g. Hang tag, CCIA tag).
  6. Record an animals condition
    You can record information about your animals, such as condition or pregnancy check results, and update their basic information (e.g. Hang tag or CCIA tag).
  7. Record movement of animals
    You can record the location of your animals, and the movement of the animal's between locations, with your Flokk. This enables CLTS traceabilty submissions to be completed with no additional effort.
  8. Record administration of medications
    The administration of medications (e.g. vaccinations, antibiotics, and pharmaceuticals) can be recorded with your Flokk.
  9. flokk.ca services
    Use the services at flokk.ca such as the off-line herd view and reports.